Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Event 2011


Game: Player to conjure most plant monsters and disturb most people by the end of Easter, wins!

Caught in between are an innocent, lovely couple, Princess Outa and Prince Zhenvar =D

One day, Princess Outa and Prince Zhenvar was taking their routine daily stroll in the Event Portalworldland =D

Every thing seemed prettier, with higher detailed-overgrown-trees! Princess Outa took out her medieval camera and took snap-screenies.

To make things exciting, they even climbed mountains~! In search of Mozzler Cheeeese~ After which they climbed back down to head home.

Then all of a sudden~! The Evil-Root-Plant-Thingy SPROINGED! out and snatched the camera!

"Oh no you didn't~!!" Princess Outa shouted~
Raged and angry, Princess Outa and Prince Zhenvar called together an army of soldiers to burn the Evil-Root-Plant-Thingy!

Then they lived happily ever after~

The End!

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