Sunday, July 25, 2010

87 fishing.

Yea, I know I'm on a roll again ^^" haha!
Found this really nice nooby pond to level fishing at =D
It's right next to Fred's farm~
Which was quite near the never-noticed-until-now yew tree =)

Quite limited things to fish there =/ Just crayfish.
Which is like.. 10xp each.

87 fishing~

Dar look so cute reading the map! =)


  1. icebabe0520: this is the place where i train my fishing to level 20 la... sorry for being a noob... XD

  2. aiks.. convenient to level there la from 1-20! but not when you have 80+ fishing ma! =)

    <3 the pond anyway

    not coming back? T_T forever?

  3. icebabe0520: ya i know. when i level to 20.. its like forever to go to 21 till someone told me go fish at port..

    haha. i guess so. my account i'll give it to bubble. but will login for the one last time on elena's birthday. pls tell bubble dun 'potong' it first.. or strip my armour naked yet.

  4. too late. she turned you into a girl