Wednesday, May 26, 2010

99 defence and 99 hitpoints!

Well, tonight was finally the night! =D
Happy leveling for a happy couple! Yay!!
Love you so much dar!

I had so many pictures that I had to cut and squeeze them into one ^^
My second 99~

I can get the skillcape if I were a memby ^^

Here's the second one!
99 constipa.. I mean uh.. constitution points! ^^
I don't know why they had to change the name =.= Hit points sound so much better!

Pop! PoP! POP! Fireworks! =D
Thank you sweetheart once again~!

Sayang sayang after hitting (and killing) him so many times =X

I'll probably get the hitpoints cape if or when I become memby again =)

So happy tonight!
It was seriously worth the wait... =')
Love you boo~

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