Tuesday, May 25, 2010

79/80 firemaking.

Well~ I finally achieved my 80 firemaking!
And all it took me was about 140k!
Cheap right? If I knew it was so cheap I would've gotten it ages ago.
But I'm so through with firemaking now... so boring!

Level 79~
I leveled alone this time.. Didn't think it was really worth anyone's time to come and see anyway.

So then it came to leveling to level 80.
I thought, I didn't really wanna level it myself.
So I found a tree with a face! =D
Can see~?
Erm.. he doesn't seem like the cheerful type but nevermind.

Even though I showed him fireworks, he still didn't look too happy.
Maybe it's something about burning chopped wood that he's not very enthusiastic about.

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