Wednesday, May 12, 2010

72 pray and 121 cb.

Well, I finally gave in and leveled my prayer.
The only reason why I held back was because I sort of knew my combat level will go up after I leveled my prayer.
And the longer I wait, the more lamps I gather, which took up quite a number of spaces.

Yan was kind enough to come see me level =)
Thanks for accompanying me!
It's not even a 99 lol.
And I just realised something.
What's "gefeliciteerd"? O_o

I had already collected 8 lamps =.=
It was only after I leveled that I used them and found out that they don't give as much xp as I thought!
720xp x 8 = 5k+
AND I HAVE 83k more xp to go! till prayer 73 =.=

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