Tuesday, January 19, 2010

99 strength

Tonight's the night Baby Boo and I leveled our Strength to the maximum level there is in Runescape!
99 Strength~
We wanted it to be a private thing.. so no big parties.
Just the two of us.

This is a picture of us bracing ourselves in World 17(PvP) at exactly 10:21pm =)
Idea was to attack each other so that we will level together, on each other lol.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of our fireworks T_T
Cause I screwed up... Sorry dar T_T
Luckily dar took a video of the whole thing with his phone!
Smart =)
But still.. sorry I screwed up. How? You know I know can la.. T_T

My first 99 =) and with Baby Boo!
I'm just sorry I screwed up so it didn't turn out to be as wonderful as it was supposed to...


  1. Muacks!! Thanks lao po. I love u so much dar. Yeah i was so happy and greateful that i can level it up with you darling <33

    Its okay lar, its just a small matter, not angry u oso hehe. Accidently can happen wan mah. Its not worth of angry coz of a game. Hehe. Thanks dar for posting it.

    Abt the firework, bvm lar. Next 99 make sure we dunt make the mistake again lor hehe.;)

    Love u lao po with all my heart and soul~