Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Event 2009

Christmas event on Runescape is finally out!
And I got the privilege to complete it with my Baby Boo at my side =)
Even though he's got better things to do on members,
he chose to do it with me on free-to-play! ^.^
Thank you darling~

Took some pictures so that we can remember and cherish the moment =)

Taken after stepping through the Narnia-cupboard-look-a-like~

Christmas is always white in the Land of Snow~

Mission : Rescue Santa from Ezenezer Scrooge!

Inside the Scrooge Mansion~

Then we had to come out of the mansion in search for info for Scrooge's past~
Thought Santa's sleigh is a nice background for a snapshot~ ^^"


Out of the cupboard with the fine wine and the good food...

Snowball fight!!!
Started chasing each other around Draynor... Port Sarim... north of Fally!!! =D

I had fun babe =)
The event was awesome but I wouldn't have enjoyed it like I did without you around.
Thanks sweetheart..

Love you Edward

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